Story-telling as a tool of advocacy

“God created a human being because he liked a good story.” So goes a Jewish proverb.From the beginning of the world God has been a great storyteller. Stories of Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Job continue to inspire and challenge. Biblical stories have been our most effective moral teachers. They draw us in, they invite us and then subversively when we are least aware of it, they shape us. I never used to read biographies. I thought to myself: I have my own life to live, why bother with stories ... Read more
Author: Joanna Williamson. Published: 09/11/2015

The future of Bible advocacy in the UBS fellowship

Is the Bible still relevant today in our diverse, fast-moving, ever-changing world? Can this ancient collection of writings really speak to us in our postmodern, pluralistic societies? I passionately believe that the answer to both these questions is a resounding ‘yes!’, and that Bible advocacy, which is about changing society’s perceptions of Scripture and releasing its truth into people’s lives, is an absolutely key part of global Bible ministry today. Read more
Author: Michael Perreau. Published: 05/11/2015

No note, no comment? The genesis and future of Bible advocacy

Set beside a beautiful lake in North Wales, some have called Mary Jones World 'the spiritual home of Bible Societies'. It tells the story of how, in the year 1800, a teenage girl walked a long day's journey, most likely barefoot, to buy a Bible in her own heart language of Welsh. Read more
Author: James Catford . Published: 02/11/2015

Bible advocacy in the global context

At the end of last year, IBAC commissioned a survey among 53 Bible Societies across six continents. The results suggest that Bible advocacy continues to be a missional priority in the UBS fellowship. The majority of the Bible Societies who took part in the survey indicated that they had run a Bible advocacy initiative in the past, and whereas interest in Bible advocacy remained high, only over 20 per cent of these Bible Societies were currently running any such initiatives. However, looking at t... Read more
Author: Cristian Romocea. Published: 26/10/2015