Leading civic engagement for biblical transformation

In the Western democratic context, it’s not hard to argue that the contribution of the Bible to civic engagement is unparalleled. From the language we use to the process and institutions that we now take for granted, the Bible has been the slow-burning, consistent factor for many of the social goods of civil society. Building on successive historical waves of application of biblical principles to our social structures and relations, it could be argued that the last great wave of scriptural eng... Read more
Author: Dave Landrum is. Published: 25/07/2016

6 ways the Bible is changing the conversation among Africa’s leaders

Leaders from across Africa gather every year to see what the Bible has to say about their decisions. They’ve been meeting like this at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) since 2010. Six years on, here are six remarkable ways the Bible is shaping their thinking...  Read more
Author: Helen Crawford. Published: 18/07/2016

A Christian view of the Internet and new media

The world of communication has changed irrevocably. With the founding and rapid expansion of the internet, the transnational flows of information, media and applications have never been so open and free. For most of us, we are only a few mouse clicks away from a wealth of knowledge and materials online. We also have the means at our fingertips to produce, publish and distribute through social networks, our own texts, images and viewpoints. Read more
Author: Dr Phillip A Towndrow. Published: 11/07/2016

Planting hope in the wilderness: Reflections on Asian journeys’ Green Desert project

In 2002, I started Asian Journeys Ltd as a social enterprise to address urbanization and environmental projects in Asia, having glimpsed the twin challenges in these two critical areas.  It represented a Christian response to the environmental challenge in Asia. Environmental projects were begun both in the cities as well as in the rural areas, focusing on river conservation and tree-planting efforts.  Projects were started in Singapore and Shanghai, working with universities and youth organis... Read more
Author: Lawrence Ko. Published: 04/07/2016

‘Theistic Evolution’: is it biblical?

Many Christians today accept macroevolution, but many others reject it. In this article, I shall examine a number of common objections. While I am not fully committed to the theory of evolution, I shall show that there are various ways by which theistic evolutionists can defend the theological acceptability of their case. Read more
Author: Dr Andrew Loke. Published: 20/06/2016

That Man: Bringing the story to life for new audiences in Costa Rica

The message of God’s desire to communicate with people through Jesus is at the heart of this theatre advocacy project. Performed by a leading actor, this production wrestles with big questions of faith and how the Bible is relevant to our lives today. Read more
Author: Naomi Dunn. Published: 06/06/2016

Pitching the Bible in the world of young film-makers

Investing in short film projects may seem a strange project to be involved with but there is a back-story to this work that is very revealing. In the late 20th Century the British & Foreign Bible Society decided to develop a report on the use of scripture in England and Wales. After nearly two centuries of tireless work translating and distributing scripture overseas, it was important not to overlook our own back yard. The report was ironically called ‘The Open Book Project’. The irony w... Read more
Author: Luke Walton. Published: 30/05/2016

Bible museum as an advocacy tool: the experience of Pakistan

The Pakistan Bible Society was established in 1863. 2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the Pakistan Bible Society. We celebrated the anniversary in a befitting manner. In this year along with other programs we also inaugurated and dedicated the Bible Museum for Christians and non-Christians in Pakistan. This Bible Museum is unique in Pakistan. We have 33 manuscripts and parchments which make it informative and quite a good number of items of biblical archaeological significance. The scale mode... Read more
Author: Irfan Francis. Published: 23/05/2016

5 things to help take Bible advocacy to the next level

I write this article as an evangelist. In my role for Share Jesus International, I long to see people commit to become disciples of Jesus. But I also care passionately about Bible advocacy. For me, Bible advocacy is about revealing the authenticity, the relevance and the power of Scripture beyond the four walls of the Church. In a culture where the Bible is appreciated and respected, my job as an evangelist becomes much easier. If people take the Bible seriously then they may well take the au... Read more
Author: Andy Frost. Published: 16/05/2016

Has the Bible got the X Factor?

Amidst the recent rumours and speculation on why Cheryl has quit the British X Factor, I’ve recently been pondering whether talent shows can help us discover what voices contemporary audiences see as trustworthy and credible. In part – so my theory goes – this might also help us see whether the voice of God in the Scriptures might also be seen by everyday people as significant or even somehow claim authority. Read more
Author: Matthew van Duyvenbode. Published: 09/05/2016