Faith in ‘the people’? How a biblical vision can renew democracy

The Centre for the Future of Democracy in Cambridge recently offered a depressingly bleak diagnosis of the future of democracy. Read more
Author: Dr Jonathan Chaplin. Published: 05/11/2021

Icons, Identities, and Christian faith

Not all identities are equal. Some are worth holding on to; others are best jettisoned. None deserves uncritical respect. Read more
Published: 21/06/2021

The Glory of the Smile: A Biblical Perspective

I’ve been thinking a lot about the smile these days. Why the smile? Why now? The first UK lockdown coincided with the birth of our first child, Lucy, who was born into this strange new world at the end of April 2020. Read more
Author: Dr Ashley Cocksworth. Published: 09/06/2021

Give Us Peace – But Not Yet

The title of this reflection on peace is a play on Augustine’s prayer for God to make him a celibate…but not yet. Read more
Author: Stanley Hauerwas. Published: 23/03/2021

Church well-placed to help bring peace to Africa, says Lord Boateng

The Church is well-placed to help bring peace across Africa, said Lord Boateng tonight. Read more
Published: 26/10/2018

Event: Faith and Citizenship: A divided allegiance?

How should Christians deal with tensions that arise between their faith and their citizenship? What does Christian citizenship look like? Read more
Published: 04/08/2017

Bible advocacy and secularism today: the role of IBAC

We often hear the term secularism. Increasingly today, people envisage their life with no reference to a philosophical, ethical or moral code based on belief in God or other higher spiritual power. Brian Walsh observed this phenomenon decades ago: “Our consciousness, our imagination, our vision has been captured by idolatrous perceptions and ways of life. The dominant worldview, the all-pervasive secular consciousness, has captured our lives. …We were asleep to the secularisation of our live... Read more
Author: Cristian Romocea. Published: 06/07/2017

How to survive the apocalypse: zombies, Cylons, faith and politics at the end of the world

In How to Survive the Apocalypse, Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson examine a number of popular stories – from the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica to the purging of innocence in Game of Thrones to the hordes of zombies in The Walking Dead– and argue that such apocalyptic stories reveal a lot about us here and now, about how we conceive of our life together, including some of our deepest tensions and anxieties. Read more
Published: 19/05/2017